Interiors of the monastery, place for the spiritual trainig
29. May 2018
25. April 2018
Particularly impressive part of the church of St. Benedict the Abbot and the Virgin Mary seems to be the entrance portal that belongs to only a few cathedral type portals in Slovakia.

It‘s uniqueness is shown especially in rich decoration. Gothic portal dates back to the end of the 14th century. However, it was significantly enriched in the 19th century, during the regotization of the monastery area, led by the architect Franz Storno and his sons. Statues of Jesus Christ and four evangelists in the portal jamb also come from this period. Since the Stornos restoration, the portal had been renovated only minimally. During the latest research, the remnants of the original polychromy were discovered.

Inscriptions and so called Phrygian caps refer to the Old Testament prophets that are depicted above the portal door. Below them, the winged symbols representing the four evangelists are situated. Statue of Jesus Christ lies in the centre. His relation to the world seems to be the central theme of the entrance portal. The animal figures chewing the sprouts on the sides of the arc represent the omnipresent evil and its fight with the good. The photo story of the entrance portal’s reconstruction you can see here.