25. April 2018
The monastery church of the former Benedictine abbey in Hronský Beňadik is considered as one of the most overwhelming examples of the gothic architecture in Slovakia. The church consists of three separate naves. This conception emerged from its function of the monastery church of the Benedictines.

Church was allegedly built in times of the abbot Siegfried and his successors, after the year 1330. The construction, however, stretched for a long time and the current church of St. Benedict the Abbot and the Virgin Mary was consecrated only in 1483. Period of the construction is reflected in the interior decorations, such as the pillar capitals under the vault, where the ornamentation of fresh leaves and the grotesque figural or plant friezes were added to the geometric shapes. Particularly impressive part of the church seems to be the entrance portal that belongs to only a few cathedral type portals in Slovakia.

During the reconstruction in 1881, led by the architect Franz Storno and his sons, the foundations of the original Romanesque three nave basilica from the 11th century were discovered in the place of nowadays church.